Saturday, December 29, 2012

State Championship Football

We love football. I love football. My dad has been going to Ware County football games for over 10 years and has had the same reserved seats for all that time. It is very seldom that he misses a game. In fact the most he has missed recently have been because he was been going to the Georgia Tech games with me, Harmon and the girls. Well this year Ware County made it to the state championship game. of course we made the trip and went to the game. We had tons of fun going and cheering, sadly we lost. By a lot.

Poor Harmon had to work. And a special thanks to Harmons parents for watching the girls so that I could enjoy the game without worry of the girls!

Prepping for Christmas

I have wanted and prayed for babies for a very long time. During our years of trying and waiting, I was dreaming. Dreaming of all the things I wanted for my children. The traditions that we would start, the traditions that we would pass on to our children. The whole month we cuddled and spent time as a family. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Harmon and I, dressed the girls up and took them to visit Santa Clause. We did not get the obligatory crying that babies typically give. So we got adorable photos that I love! And will cherish forever! I love photos:)

Overall I would consider it a very successful trip to meet Santa. Afterwards we went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. Now if only I could get everything wrapped....

Christmas lights

For Christmas I received a new camera. I have been reading a lot and doing some experimenting with said new camera and am very much looking forward to learning more! I am using my, currently very empty play room as a location to set up little shoots...

I am attempting to achieve a style of photograph that I love, bokeh.

I still have some learning to do!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Photos

We recently had our Christmas photos done by What the Bell Photography. They came out amazing and I look forward to sharing more. But until my Christmas cards go out you will have to be happy with some behind the scenes shots~ The girls were five months old when they were taken, we are considering them our 6 month photos. And don't plan on having more photos taken until their first birthday! 


O' Christmas Tree

I came home after work a couple days after putting up the tree and it was the only light on in the house and I was struck by how beautiful it looked. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Georgia/ Georgia Tech Football

For the Georgia / Georgia Tech football game we had the Harmon, Harmons dad (Harmon), Mr Mike, Mrs Sue, my dad, Grandma Grace and of course me!!! This post will mostly consist of photos:) All taken with my pretty new camera!!!

Hannah loves to play Superman....

Whoops DaVinci likes to take advantage of the Superman position!

DaVinci was less then impressed once we made him stop kissing the baby!

Someone else decided to sleep through most of the game. 

Once she did wake up, she was less then pleased.

But some time with Grandma Sue made everything ok!

Once everyone was happy it was time to play on the floor!!!

Look at that baby lifting her head!!!