Thursday, February 28, 2013

8 Months Old & The Story of the Bow

My girls are 8 months old now. And it makes me both so happy and so sad all at the same time. It is unbelievable to me that they are so big. In the last month Hannah has learned to sit independently and she has learned to go backwards and I think I found the prefect incentive that gets her going forward... mommies cell phone and defenselesss Sarah Grace. Sarah Grace this month is amazing. It is like she's a flower that has all of a sudden blossomed. Or a caterpillar that has come out of her cocoon. It's amazing the baby that she has become. The little girl, the personality that has evolved. Mmmm I just want to squeeze her. Anyway so I took these photos a few days ago after the girls afternoon nap. I only took about 30 minutes to take them and it is so hard to pick which ones to show because they paint a picture. An amazing hilarious picture of what an afternoon with them is like.

This really does read like a story line...So here we go... PS no babies were harmed in the making of this skit for everyones enjoyment.

Sarah Grace waiting to start picture taking. 

Hannah upon being laid beside Sarah Grace notices her hair bow and makes a bee line. 

 Hannah: Oh here let me kick you in the chest as I pull this out of your hair.

 Hannah: Mmmm look what I got!

 Sarah Grace: What mom! Hannah stole my bow!!!

Hannah: Yummmm, bows taste good.

 Sarah Grace: Oh ok, Mom gave me a new bow. It has polka dots. 

 Hannah: Oh here let me take this bow over here.

 Sarah Grace: Mom why is sister fascinated with eating my bow?

 Sarah Grace: She is so weird, still chewing on that bow...

 Hannah: What mom, I'm not hiding a bow in my left hand...

 Hannah: Ok I'm going to take the bow and go this way now. 

 Hannah: Oh wait Sister is over here let me turn over and give her a kick in the head. 

 Sarah Grace: Really mom? She's like laying on my head and still that dang bow. Doesn't she know it's supposed to go in her hair? Oh wait she doesn't have any hair...

 Sarah Grace: Oh look maybe I want that bow back? 

 Sarah Grace: Here give it back! I want my bow back.

 Hannah: Girlfriend please, this is my bow!

Hannah: Here take that!

 Sarah Grace: Oh maybe she's going to give it back after all. 

 Sarah Grace: Come here just move it this way. 

 Hannah: Ha fooled you again!

 Sarah Grace: Oh well. 


stacy beasley said...

This is too funny and the expressions are priceless!! I love these babies!

Gabrielle said...

PRECIOUS BABIES! That's my bow ;).

Ginger Stickney said...

Love these:)