Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Ughhh lately things have been hard for me. Last Sunday the 21st Hannah got a new tooth and learned how to sit up by herself. Over the course of the week she is now crawling and has her fourth tooth coming in. Its amazing and wonderful all at the same time! But the other night I was watching her go after something she knew she wasn't supposed to have and and it hitme. Hannah has been sitting for months, but now she can sit herself up, and she's crawling and pulling up on things, all in the course of the last week! I am so proud of her! But then it filled me with sadness, Hannah went from sationary to mobile in a week basically and Sarah Grace still isn't sitting. She is so close but has been working so hard and so long to get there. And I then thought about how long is it going to take her to learn to sit up by herself, crawl, pull up on things?! Then a friend of mine who has a little boy mentioned that her boys first birthday is in one month. And she was sad that she doesn't think he will be able to do the traditional cake smash. Her little boy isnt self feeding and she doesnt think he could bring his hands to smash it let alone get any to his face. And I realized oh my goodness, theres no way Sarah Grace could either!  And while the thought did make me sad, I filled myself with resolve, we are starting practicing now! and with that we are going to be making or buying a lot of cupcakes over the next 2 months!!!

A few new milestones and advancements and other going ons....

Hannah is now reaching for people to pick her up.

Hannah has kicked the swaddle!

Mommy got a new iPad, but dear Hannah loves playing on it!

Hannah has been sick AGAIN! But the doctor put her on allergy meds and she is so much better!

Hannah got her first black eye. (On her daddy watch!)

Hannah crawls, meaning she goes after what ever she wants even if it means getting stuck.

Oh Sarah Grace, my little sweet pea!
She is the thinker of the pair!

She loves playing with the baby in the mirror!

Sarah Grace has recently mastered the pull string for toy milestone.

Sarah Grace may be a mommas girl, but she loves playing with her daddy!

With that I will move along to the girls 10 month photos.... Yes I know I am a week behind.. Reason, it is so hard to get them to do the same thing at the same time with out one screaming... normally Hannah.

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