Friday, August 10, 2012

Dogs and Stroller

When we drove back into town after our trip to Waycross we decided since it was not blazing hot and the dogs had been stuck inside all day we would take them all for a walk. My big baby splurge was my stroller that I totally love. Well it has car seat adapters and the actual seats. Well I had the bright idea the seats can recline so why shouldn't we just put them in the seats and recline all the way... Well this is what we got

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I realized as we were walking around the block why this is a HORRIBLE idea. Had we been hit or the dogs knocked the stroller over or anything they would have gone flying!!! They were technically buckled in, but they were so big that they would have just gone flying, where as had we used the car seats they would at least be snug and secure in the seats. Sure if the stroller had been hit by a car we'd still have problems, but they would be safer then in those seats. So lesson learned, the seats got put away in the closet.

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