Monday, August 20, 2012

Honda Odyssy

Our trip to Waycross was for one day. We did not spend the night. We took enough stuff for the girls for one day and we took a change of clothes for Harmon and myself so that we could change out of our church clothes. We didn't take enough clothes for the whole weekend for him, me or the girls. We didn't take diapers for a whole weekend. We didn't take the dogs or things for the dogs. Needless to say we didn't even have a portion of what we would need for football weekends. And yet our trunk was FULL. It is because this one day trip Harmon realized that we needed a van. I've been trying to tell him this for, well months. We started looking and we narrowed down our choices to the Odyssey and the Sienna. We went and played with both and decided we wanted the Odyssey. But out purchase of a van would and did heavily depend on what we could get for the Camry and what kind of deal we could get on new van. Well we went this past Saturday and the stars aligned we bought a van!!!!

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The girls love their new ride!!!
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