Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Trip to the Mall

I'm out of order I know, but this is a funny story. Last week I decided to go to the mall and buy a book called Babywise and look for white bloomers I could get engraved with the girls first initial to wear under their new Tech dressers this fall. We get to the mall and put the girls in the stroller and headed in. I made sure Barnes and Noble had the book I wanted but decided to get it on my way out. As I am leaving the bookstore Sarah Grace starts to wake up. Not fully, she let out some cries and then went back to sleep. I went into The Childrens Place, which had adorable cupcake outfits! However they were in the very back of the store and let me tell you my double stroller did NOT fit in there! And as I tried to exit the store squeezing through the racks Sarah Grace woke up. Not a little but blood curdling screaming. So we stop and in the big comfy I feed Sarah Grace, she only drank half a bottle before going right back to sleep. So I start to shop again. And of course my stroller did not fit in the little stores in which I wanted to shop! Dumb childrens stores your shopping for babies and toddlers and yet you don't leave enough room for a stroller!!! Are you kidding me? And then Sarah Grace started screaming again. Ok so lets settle this. I head all the way to the food court where they have a nice sitting room with comfy couches and a little room to change diapers. I go to change Sarah Graces diaper. To learn the bottle of plan water I had brought had completely leaked. Meaning everything in the diaper bag was wet. I didn't have a dry diaper to put back on Sarah Grace so I put a damn diaper on Sarah Grace and then settled in to have Sarah Grace finish her bottle.  She finished her bottle and just would not settle. So we left one failed trip to the mall in which I left empty handed. All I got was this one photo of Sarah Grace on the changing table. Which made me realize I really need to start carrying a changing pad, they no longer fit on the flips. 

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Oh and did I fail to mention Hannahs name? That is because she slept through everything!

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